On January 1, 2019 the structure of the United Church of Canada will be changed.  Presbyteries and Conferences will be finished, and new Regional Councils will be formed.  “Clusters” and “Networks” of faith communities are encouraged to deepen relationships, and to create opportunities for people with the same interests to work together.

Living Waters Presbytery is sponsoring a series of events to help congregations and individuals prepare for these changes. What are the ministries that we could do better together than we can as isolated individuals or congregations? What does it look like to respond to our faith as a cluster of congregations? How can we be more effective by networking with other people or communities with similar interests and intentions?

So far, the presbytery has sponsored online video conferencing calls, online “working circles,” and many in-person gatherings for conversation, curiosity and collaboration. A series of in-person gatherings will be hosted by Karen Hilfman-Millson, Allan Reeve and Joe Ramsay over the next few months. You are invited to participate in any of six events in Living Waters Presbytery — 2 in the north, 2 central, and 2 in the south.

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