In less than one year, Presbyteries and Conferences will be replaced by Regions. The mandate of the Regions will NOT include helping congregations and local ministries work collaboratively. That will be up to local churches and members. The Clustering and Networking Project was initiated by Living Waters Presbytery to help local churches prepare for this change. Over the coming year we will continue to build our capacity to collaborate more effectively and develop practices for congregations and other ministries to create Clusters and Networks.

On January 20, 2018, Joe Ramsay and Allan Reeve will gather with some folks who attended one of the  Living Waters Presbytery Clustering and Networking Events last fall and took the step of starting a “conversation that matters.”  At this gathering, we will continue to explore connections between individuals and congregations about ways they share context, interests, culture, and values. By engaging in conversation, we will experience the emergence of collaboration related to worship, mission and ministry.

When we gather on January 20, we will explore together the kinds of support conversation animators require for our conversations to move forward. Information about communication strategies as well as details about facilitation training will be shared. Together we will formulate what is important to us as we move forward to develop Clustering and Networking Initiatives here in Living Waters.

If you want to attend the meeting on January 20, you can find out more and register by clicking the button below.

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