Hosting Sacred Conversations is offering a 4-part series to explore practices that enable us to move from conversations to actions –– from sense-making to response.  This on-line learning opportunity invites participants to share experiences and reflect on how collaboration can help churches respond to the complex challenges we are facing today.

  • Guest interviews with experienced Art of Hosting practitioners
  • Exploring practices for creating responses to new understanding
  • Small group “breakouts” to share what is working –– and why
  • Making connections to new resources and learning opportunities

All sessions will take place on Wednesdays from 1 pm – 2:30 pm EST.
Please use the registration button below to reserve your spot. You will receive instructions on joining the Zoom webinar by email immediately after you submit your registration.


Session 1, January 31, 1 pm EST:
Enabling Trust for Collaboration

Change moves at the speed of relationship. We will be looking at using Hosting Sacred Conversation containers – eg. Circle Way / Triads / Dyads / World Café
Special guest: Karen Hilfman-Millson, Circle Culture Institute




Session 2, February 28, 1 pm EST:
Agile Planning in Complex Systems

Living in Complex Systems – stories about Emergent Practices / Emergent Actions
Special guest: Chris Corrigan – Harvest Moon Consultants




Session 3, March 28, 1 pm EST:
Moving from Sensing to Responding

Moving from concept & planning into action. Pro-Action Café
Special guest: Ben Wolfe – Ben Wolfe Design




Session 4, April 25, 1 pm EST:
Voices that matter for conversations that matter

The power of including “the stranger” in the conversation.
Special guest: Peter Pula, Resonance Centre